Suzy Science


Classes include

ir strength
These curious air molecules
are amazing!  And their strength has led to some
incredible inventions. Learn how to float & spiral
objects through the room
. Everyone gets to ride the
hovercraft and see
the behavior of air is so beneficial.
   I've got the experiments to
show mold is gold and yeast is priceless!  But our most beloved decomposer is
the worm.  See how they react to
different stimuli, then let your stretchy friend work it's magic
in a school garden or playground.

  Matters of Science
Is it a solid, liquid or gas? Is there physical or chemical change? Learn from our fire and dry ice experiments before those molecules condensate,  evaporate or sublimate into something else. Just like people, it's their behavior that determines their fate.
ay the Force
  Learning the 3 laws of motion and forces
is fun when examples include catapulting and tablecloth 
This high energy class is full of surprises. Even the most kinetic kids will form a potential hypothesis
Warning: some eggs will not survive.
Ocean Life  Doing density and surface tension experiments
is a great start for exploring the ocean.  Then we learn some fun whale facts and watch Annabelle the Whale inflate. Just like a real baby Blue Whale, she's 25 feet long and a great visual of how huge these ocean animals really are.
  When these silly guys get strung
together, they hold tight 
to give us fun and useful
products.  After
some experiment demos,
there's a
hands-on session of
making.  Whose slime glob
can stretch the farthest?

There's a new Weather Class!!!! Future meteorologists will experience weather drama as volunteers act out the water cycle. Learning those universal weather symbols to communicate with other meteorologists is a fun guessing game. There's a lot of science affecting  molecules as they change from wet to dry, some of which we can mimic in the classroom to make clouds and vacuums. We'll see how those charged electrons make lightening, before we tame them into a human circuit.